Bridgeport milling mill - parts and use manual cd


Subject: Bridgeport milling mill - parts and use manual cd

I have been working to purchase some basic tools to allow me to perform basic metalworking. One of the tools I have acquired is an Old Bridgeport Round Ram mill and one of the biggest challenges I faced after I bought the mill was finding a good source for information about the mill, it's operation, and the various parts and attachments for it. In my search for information I was able to obtain the following documents that I have compiled into a single CD that I am offering to sell to others that may also need this information. The CD is Windows compatible and contains files prepared in PDF format along with a number of photos in JPEG, BMP, and GIF format which should be easily viewable with no special software required.
Bridgeport “Round Ram” Turret Milling Machine Manual
This PDF file contains 26-pages with information that is specific to the Round Ram Bridgeport Mill. This is not the complete manual as I got these pages from another Bridgeport owner that was kind enough to share. Following is a list of other info contained in this Manual:
Specifications (Dimensions, Ranges, Weights)
Information on various levers, handles, and stops
Squaring, Angular settings, and overarm movement
General Speed Recommendations (Material and cutter size at various feed rates)
Parts Diagram with Parts list for Round Ram Mill
Several Parts Diagram with Parts list for Master Milling Attachment (M-Head)
Parts list and Diagram for Bridgeport #1 Milling machine Vise
Old Parts list with prices
Quick Change Tooling and Accessories for J Head and 2J Variable Speed Head; Code 11040077 (Formerly M-122)
This is a 39 page PDF copy of an original 1981 Bridgeport manual that provides listings of recommended tooling packages for both Standard Bridgeport Milling Machines with J and 2J Variable Speed heads as well recommended tooling packages for a Series 1 N/C Machine. This catalog includes parts numbers, diagrams and dimensions for the following parts:
Pullout and non-pullout end mill collets
Boring Head and Boring Bars and cutters
#30 M.M.T adapters for just about everything (R8, MT1, MT2, MT3 Jacobs taper etc)
1966 Bridgeport Operators Manual
This PDF file contains 40-pages of material about the Series 1 Mills. This is the complete manual and it contains the following information:
Dimensional Drawing and Floor Plan
Long and Cross Feed Assembly
Uncrating, Cleaning, Placing on solid foundation, Leveling Machine
Mounting Head on Overarm Adapter
Handles, Inspection, Alignment of Head
Lubrication (with drawings)
Adjustment of Table Gib, Saddle and Knee Gibs
Clamping Table, Saddle and Knee
Power Feed Attachment plus Instructions for installing it
Installation and Use of Measuring Attachments
Descriptive Photograph of "J" Head
Mounting Motor, Adjusting Belts, and Operating instructions for J-Head
General Speed requirements with charts
Parts Diagrams and lists for J-head, BR Turrent Milling Machine, Power Feed Attachment, M-Head, Shaping Attachment, Cherrying Head, R-Head, and C-Head
Optical Measuring system plus parts drawings and lists.
Bridgeport Attachments Catalog #30
This is a 19-page PDF copy of a 1950s – 1960s Bridgeport attachments catalog. This catalog includes the following:
Basic Features of Bridgeport Mills and Attachments
Overview, specifications, and drawings for:1 HP Milling, drilling and Boring J Head, “Master” Milling, drilling and Boring M-Head, R-Head and C-Heads, Vertical Shaping Attachment E-Head, and Cherrying Attachment T-Head (with considerable detail on how to setup and use these).
Collet descriptions with drawings and specifications and info on which head uses which collet.
Recommended Speed Chart for various diameter end mills in various materials.
Bridgeport M-105H Bridgeport Series I Milling Machine
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
This is the complete 51-page M105H manual that was scanned and converted to PDF file. The manual has many diagrams and covers the following topics:
Machine and milling head specifications
Uncrating, Cleaning, Lifting, Placing, Leveling Machine
Handles, Connecting Power, Head Alignment, Lubrication
Adjustment of Table, Saddle, and Knee Gibs
Mounting Vari-Drive Attachment to Ram Adapter, Operating Instructions
Spindle Brake, High-Low Speed Switch, Hi-Neutral-Lo Speed lever
Power Feed, Quill Feed and stop, Feed Reversing, Manual Feed
Position of Ram, Operating instructions, removing motor, changing Vari-Drive Belts
General Speed Recommendations
Parts Identification for Basic Machine, Leadscrew assembly, J Head, 2J Head, M-Head, Shaping Attachment, 6F Longitudinal Power Feed Assembly.
Bridgeport M-105 Bridgeport Series I Milling Machine
Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual
Note: There are two versions of this manual on the CD. This is an older version of this manual and it contains essentially the same material as the newer M-105H version above but it did have a few differences so I have provided this older version of the manual on the CD as well. Also note this is an assortment of pages from the manual and not the complete manual (above manual is complete) but at one point I was happy to even have these pages!
US Patent Number 2275291: Original Bridgeport Mill
Machine Tool Operating at Universal Angles in Overall Locations
The original Bridgeport Round-Ram Turret Mill Patent is included on the CD. The Patent is 10-pages in a PDF format and includes a great description of the mill with diagrams and figures that provide insight on how the round ram mills are built and designed to work.
The CD also has a folder that contains photos of various Bridgeport Mills and accessories that I have compiled for myself to refer to while working on and with my own Bridgeport. I figure that if I have found them useful, you may find them useful too!
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