3 old american machinist handbooks; 1920, 1940, & 1955


Subject: 3 old american machinist handbooks; 1920, 1940, & 1955

Three Old American Machinists' Handbooks
The New American Machinist's Handbook: 1955 (CONDITION): Larger than the earlier versions. Easier to read. This is in nice condition for it's age. It does not appear to have been used in a shop. The pages are intact and clean. The only issues I see are the previous owner's name written on the side and a crinkle in the front cover sheet. The outside covers show normal wear and tear and a little dirt. The pages have yellowed a bit over time.
7th Edition American Machinists' Handbook: 1940 (CONDITION): This book does have signs of being shop used. The book edges are dirty and it does have some smudges on some page edges from finger flipping with dirty hands. Overall, the pages are relatively clean and are intact. Between pages 10 & 11 some of the binding has separated from the back, but the pages are intact. The inside cover sheets in the front and back are dirty. Covers show normal wear and tear and some fraying on the corners.
3rd Edition American Machinists' Handbook: 1920 (CONDITION): This little guy has the most cosmetic issues. He is not pretty and has not aged gracefully, but he still has great information value. OK, here goes: The pages are all intact and fully readable. The gold is still visible on the book page edges. Large crease down the front and back cover from flexing; the pages have yellowed and some have shop smudges. About 25 percent of the pages have what looks to be spilled coffee stains but it does not hinder reading of the pages. On pages 516 & 517 there are 2 1" 'v' shaped tears, but the pieces are still there, just crinkled. A little fraying on a few page edges. The binding has started to separate from the main book part and 1/3 of the front blank cover page is missing.
Condition: These are USED shop manuals. I have listed the individual descriptions above and have shown pictures of some of the issues. If there is more you would like to see; don't hesitate to ask. I'll be happy to email you more pix.
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